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Join us at HANNOVER MESSE 2019

Six leading trade fairs, one platform: At HANNOVER MESSE 2019 you will find a complete cross-section of technical innovation along the entire value chain under the motto Integrated Industry - Industrial Intelligence. All key technologies and core areas of industry in one place - from research and development, industrial automation and IT to supply, production technologies and services to energy and mobility technologies.

Konica Minolta will again be represented at this year's HANNOVER MESSE. In Hall 5 in the "Digital Factory" exhibition area, our experts will present powerful solutions and concepts for IIoT, industry 4.0 and digitization.

Visit us at the world's largest international B2B industry exhibition with over 210,000 trade visitors and more than 5,000 exhibitors from 75 countries in 2018 and find out how digital solutions can help you through the stages of your manufacturing process - from product planning, through assembly and quality control, to delivery and logistics. Exciting live demonstrations at various stations await you, as well as the opportunity to exchange ideas directly with our experts.

Here’s an outlook on what you will experience at our booth:

IIoT Platforms & SmartStart Package

  • Entry into the digital networking of production machines
  • Monitoring solutions: HuMachine, 3D LIDAR & Minitech & Compressor
  • Advanced Analytics & AI: Sound & Image Analytics

Industrial Assembly and Maintenance Processes

  • AIRe Lens: digitally support assembly processes with Smart Glasses

Quality Management

  • Digital Colour Data Management: better quality control along the entire supply chain

Monitoring Solutions

  • Gas Monitoring: increase operational safety and efficiency of plants

Logistic Solutions

  • MiR Robotic Device Integration: optimize work and production processes with intralogistics robots

IT Solutions

  • Workplace Hub & Edge: the all-in-one IT solution for the workplace of the future
  • Enterprise Resource Planning: optimum resource planning in production by using an ERP-system
  • Enterprise Content Management: efficient management and processing of files and documents within the company


  • IT Security & Video Security Services: Comprehensive security solutions to protect production systems and data

Selected partner solutions

  • Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, AXOOM, Softing, MOBOTIX etc.



If you need a free day ticket to visit us at HANNOVER MESSE or would like to arrange a personal meeting, please send us a message using our contact form.

IIoT Platforms & SmartStart Package

Digitalisation is continuously expanding the possibilities for optimising manufacturing processes. However, the first step to digitalisation is often the hardest: production processes are increasingly complex, making the transformation a challenging step and often prompting companies to ask where, how and with whom to start.

Using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, Konica Minolta’s SmartStart Package offers a pre-configured and quick-to-implement IIoT solution for small and medium businesses in particular. It contains all the components to seamlessly switch the existing production environment to a higher level of digitalisation while being supported by Konica Minolta resources. This package is available internationally as a fully managed SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. Additionally, Konica Minolta supports customers implementing their digitalisation strategy using Microsoft Azure IoT Central or Axoom.

While the SmartStart Package is a first step in a digitalisation strategy, Konica Minolta further helps its customers in making use of big data in production. By implementing and operating the required tooling, Konica Minolta enables its customers to focus on optimising their production and utilising their data. A solution developed by Konica Minolta for using machine learning for advanced analytics will also be presented at the fair.

In addition, Konica Minolta offers a unique digitalisation solution utilising image analytics and sound analytics depending on the customer’s environment. Imaging technology is a core element of Konica Minolta’s technological expertise and it can be applied to gather and visualise information such as machine status and human operation. Konica Minolta also applies AI sound analytics to extract machine operation data, i.e. for a band saw machine. By simply fitting the device with a microphone at an affordable price, customers can start digitalising their processes quickly and easily.

For Konica Minolta, a successful transition to digital manufacturing also extends beyond the platform and connecting machines: it seamlessly brings together not only production machines, but also manual and semi-automated equipment. Konica Minolta will therefore present an IIoT solution for semi-automated work stations, in collaboration with partner Minitech Smart Solutions, which considers the production ecosystem as a whole.

Industrial Assembly and Maintenance Processes

Konica Minolta AIRe Lens is a smart glasses solution that has proven itself within factory environments and that is designed to handle long shifts. It is a hands-free Augmented Reality (AR) solution that makes complex manual tasks easier for hands-on workers and that sets the pace by providing step-by-step guidance and remote assistance for every level of expertise – plus out-of-the-box applications for easy integration. Tasks can be completed with less need for mentoring, on time. and to a high standard. AIRe Lens is optimised to provide real benefits in the production environment: It has high acceptance rates (90% in tests) due to its simple, practical, lightweight design. Assembly processes are shortened by 42%, and mentoring time by as much as 89%. Offering continuously flowing information, it can reduce human error by 50%. And thanks to its high resolution, best-in-class optics, there are no limits to what can be seen and achieved.


Quality Management

Konica Minolta Digital Colour Data Management is the solution for globalised industries with low vertical integration such as brand owners and OEM’s in the automotive and ICT industries. Based on instruments providing maximum inter-instrument agreement, reducing physical samples and cloud-based software guarantee higher efficiency and cost reductions throughout the value chain from design, specification, production, control & approval to global deployment.

As available data is usually rather limited, Konica Minolta also provides an AI visual inspection solution package that can work with a minimum of inspection image data input. The AI visual inspection process can be started with only a small volume of non-defective product-inspection image data. Naturally, ever more options for advanced analytics become available as the volume of data increases – such as linking with the production data that have been gathered from the SmartStart Package in order to improve the machine-maintenance workflow.

Monitoring Solutions

Making the invisible visible: Konica Minolta will be demonstrating its gas monitoring solution to enhance the operational safety and efficiency of plants and factories. Gas leaks can mean disaster for anyone working in petrochemical refineries and plants, and also result in vast environmental damage and the loss of billions of dollars. Unfortunately, however, they are invisible to the naked eye. Combining its high-resolution lenses with cutting-edge Far Infrared Technology (FIR) and proprietary gas detection algorithms, Konica Minolta enables the autonomous detection of gas leaks at the edge for a space of up to 30,000 square metres, while also enabling customers to improve their monitoring processes through cloud-based leak analysis and management solutions. Konica Minolta will be demonstrating this solution with a live simulation at its Hannover Messe fair stand.

However, as well as helping with security, monitoring can also boost efficiency, helping to find and visualise the root cause of low productivity. Konica Minolta is therefore presenting a simple solution based on unique technology to visualise the shop floor and offer customers the insight they need to improve the manufacturing process, using external sensors for collecting data.

Logistics Solutions

In a digital factory, humans, production machinery and robots work hand in hand, making work and product flows seamless. With its mobile robotics partner MiR, Konica Minolta is presenting an exciting solution for intralogistics robots. These autonomously moving devices transport parts and products through the facility – to where they are needed, letting the workers focus on other crucial tasks. As an integral part of the production process, these robots must be connected within an IIoT network and platform, enabling a complete overview of the production system. Konica Minolta supports its customers in setting up such a system, taking into account the production system as a whole ecosystem and enabling optimised routing as well as predictive maintenance.


IT Solutions

The best digital factory is only as successful as the business and the workflows behind it. Consequently, and in line with its holistic approach to support its customers with their business needs, Konica Minolta is also presenting its IT solutions at Hannover Messe. Helping them harness the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business Central, Konica Minolta is providing its manufacturing customers with a powerful, flexible and individually configurable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Moreover, Konica Minolta is supporting its manufacturing customers to effectively and efficiently manage and process the plethora of files and documents. Smart Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions seamlessly integrate into internal processes – whether for invoice management, employee files, contracts, or all other relevant documents within the company.

However, thanks to its Workplace Hub solution, Konica Minolta can also take care of its customers’ IT requirements in their entirety, truly simplifying their IT. With this platform, Konica Minolta can build an ecosystem for all kinds of services, covering state-of-the-art hardware as well as best-of-breed software & solutions. It provides one-stop services through to scalable hybrid IT services to increase productivity and creativity and help customers’ business growth.


With Industry 4.0, production is becoming a part of the IT network. This means that it requires protection from unwanted network access and other IT threats such as hackers. Ensuring the security of a production system with numerous IoT devices and interconnected data flows calls for a holistic solution – and Konica Minolta is the ideal partner for ensuring this with its 360-degree security approach. Its experienced consultants can help to tackle the highly complex questions concerning the security of Industry 4.0 systems. Konica Minolta’s solutions and expertise range from information security consulting and IT security to security concepts for multifunctional systems and video security for sites, buildings and processes, as well as creating awareness and training. GDPR compliance is also ‘built in’ to its solutions. Its innovative and low-maintenance video systems enable companies to secure their premises, buildings, and production sites. Despite the high-resolution image data, the decentralised system only places a low load on the company network, as innovative analysis software allows for images to be taken only in the event of an incident. At the same time, the robustness of the products and many other useful features create maximum security with a rapid return on investment compared to other video systems.

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